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''We are like a judge confronted by a defendant who declines to answer, and we must determine the truth from the circumstantial evidence.''

Alfred Wegener

rock mechanics - Raphael Bissen

Rock mechanics

Specific rock properties like uniaxial compressive strenght (UCS), Young´s modulus, Poisson ratio, cohesion and angle of internal friction are determined by uniaxial and triaxial tests.

photogrammetry - Raphael Bissen


Photogrammetric studies allow for a rapid and reliable determination of fracture characteristics.

FE-Model - Raphael Bissen

Finite element modeling

Geomechanical reservoir models based on the FE-method are used to model the stress perturbations in relation to the fault systems.

DFN-Model - Raphael Bissen

Discrete fracture network modeling

Discrete fracture network (DFN) models based on geostatistical assumptions are commenly used for the extrapolation of fracture properties observed in wells to the km-scale of the reservoir.