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Chulalongkorn University

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Mitigation of Environmental and Social Impacts of Mining
Mining and Petroleum Engineering
Teaching Bachelor Program
General Geology, Mining Geology, Petroleum Geology, Eng EXP Rock Blast

Teaching Master Program
Basic Geology, Basic Petroleum Geology, Basic Minerals and Rocks, Space Mining

Administrative Tasks and Student Affairs
Committee for Public Relations and Foreign Affairs
Committee for Student Affairs
General advisor for first year bachelor engineering students (2016) in the georesources engineering program
Permanent Faculty Member BE Petro

Peerasit, S., Montri, C., ... Bissen, R. (2018): Paleogeographic Reconstruction and History of the Sea Level Change at Sam Roi Yot National Park, Gulf of Thailand. Tropical Natural History, Vol.18(2), 112-134. 

Chawchai, S. & Bissen, R. (2018): Understanding the Weathering Process of Antimony Minerals: Case Study Sb-Mine Sulzburg, Black Forest, Germany. Applied Environmental Research, Vol.40, No.2, May-Sep. 
Chawchai, S., Liu, G., Bissen, R., Jankham, K., Paisonjumlongsri, W., Kanjanapayont, P., Chutakositkanon, V., Choowong, M., Pailoplee, S. & Wang, X. (2017): Stalagmites from western Thailand: preliminary investigations and challenges for palaeoenvironmental research. Boreas. ISSN 0300-9483. 

Conference Contributions
Pumjan, S., Laicharoenchokchai, O., Bissen, R. & Plien, M. (2019): Coal Grades Modeling byGeostatistical Method at Mae Moh Mine, Lampang Province, Thailand. The 13th International Conference on Mining, Materials and Petroleum Engineering (CMMP 2019), June 13-14, 2019, Krabi, Thailand.

Bissen, R., Pumjan, S., Numprasanthai, A. & Chawchai, S. (2017): Green Mining in Thailand: Alternatives to Traditional Methods. MMIJ EARTH Special Session. Shigen Sozai Koenshu, Vol.4, No.2. 
Saisinchai, S., Numprasanthai, A., Bissen, R. (2016): Modern silica sand processing plant in Thailand, in 16th International symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management (SWEMP2016). Istanbul. 
Saisinchai, S., Numprasanthai, A., Bissen, R. (2016): Recovery of Cassiterite from Tailings, Petmongkon Tin Mine, Thailand, in 6th Asian African Mineral Resources Conference. Akita. 
Saisinchai, S., Numprasanthai, A., Bissen, R. (2016): A review of construction sand process in Thailand, in Asean++2016 toward Geo-resources Education in Asean Economic Community, Bangkok . p. 446-453. 
Win, E.E., Saisinchai, S., Numprasanthai, A., Bissen, R. (2016): A upgrading of low quality silica sand from Thung Tako deposit in Thailand, in Asean++2016 toward Geo-resources Education in Asean Economic Community, Bangkok . p. 474-488. 

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specific rock properties like uniaxial compressive strength (UCS), Young´s modulus, Poisson ratio, cohesion and angle of inner friction are determined by uniaxial and triaxial tests
photogrammetric studies allow for a rapid and reliable determination of fracture characteristics
geomechanical reservoir models based on the FE-method are used to model the stress perturbations in relation to the fault systems
discrete fracture network (DFN) models based on geostatistical assumptions are commenly used for the extrapolation of fracture properties observed in wells to the km-scale of the reservoir
"We are like a judge confronted by a defendant who declines to answer, and we must determine the truth from the circumstantial evidence."

Alfred Wegener
"Sustainable development integrates economic, environmental and social considerations in order to improve the lives of the current generation and ensure that future generations will have adequate resources and opportunities."
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
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